District 4 is up for grabs with current District 4 Councilman Harold Doucet running for mayor. The following are two candidates who are vying for the position:

Robert Troy

Age: 68

Hometown: Port Arthur


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The U.S. Attorney General’s Office, heading up the Department of Justice, filed for, and received, temporary restraining order barring the Beaumont Independent School District (BISD) from implementing voting changes ordered by Texas 9th Court of Appeals. The U.S Attorney General’s Office claimed jurisdiction pursuant to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which requires that any voting procedure changes in Texas be signed off on by the DOJ.

Joseph Garrett Arredondo

According to a press release from the Nederland Police Department, officers arrested 26-year-old Nederland resident Joseph Garrett Arredondo on Wednesday, April 10, in relation to the homicide of his mother, 55-year-old Hollie Ann Arredondo, also of Nederland


“Once you stop comparing yourself to others, you’ll be what you really are. Happiness is a sense of wholeness and completeness within yourself.”
“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them,” is what I have often read and believed to be true.
Many attribute the second quote to Henry David Thoreau, saying it is taken from “Civil Disobedience and Other Essays.” Several scholars say, however, that it is an adaptation from Thoreau’s work, not from “Civil Disobedience,” but that the writing is taken loosely from his work, “Walden.”