Dr. James Holly

In 1993, John Patrick set IBM on another course and changed the company’s future. Reading his story made me wonder if it’s possible for SETMA to set medicine on another course and to change the future.

Agapanthus blooms come in many different colors, but the blue is a favorite, wit

Gardens all throughout our area are struttin’ their stuff with spring in full swing. One of the most outstanding shows is the agapanthus in bloom. Oh yes, the agapanthus will stop you in your tracks with their stately beauty and wonderful fragrance.

A scout from El Paso’s Troop 4 leans over the edge of the Air Assault Tower at F

FORT BLISS, Texas — At 40 feet in the air on a wooden rappel tower, the mind can play tricks. Legs begin to tremble and the ground begins to spin. The instructor tells the Boy Scout to take three deep breaths and then prepare to jump.

Butterflies swirl in the stomach and his hands clasp tightly to a single strand of rope, the only thing between him and the distant floor below. Although it was frightening, these conditions would be similar if he had to save someone’s life.