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The Highlander is a three-row crossover that offers a choice between four-cylind

The first-generation Toyota Highlander pioneered the midsize crossover utility vehicle segment, ushering in comfort and fuel efficiency with SUV-like roominess and versatility. The current, second-generation Highlander amplifies those attributes.

For 2013, Toyota Highlander is available in four grades: Highlander (MSRP $29,020), new Highlander Plus (MSRP $30,475), SE (MSRP $34,560) and Limited (MSRP $37,950).

Performance and efficiency

Magnolia Tree

The sheer variety of magnolia tree options might surprise you. Although your local garden center may handle only a few varieties, you can find magnolia trees that are deciduous and evergreen, if you really search. Some of the southern beauties have blossom options of white, pink, purple or yellow. Some magnolias are trees; some are shrubs.